Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bon Mots and Mal Mots

Pardon my French! The title is supposed to translate to "good words and bad words" but I am not positive that is proper French. Too many years have passed since I took French in high school!

The last few weeks have been taken up with health woes for both me and CPA Boy. I am finally well after a cold in January and suffering through an H. pylori infection through February and March. But now I'm fine.

Meanwhile CPA Boy had a cold in December and another in January. Then his leg started hurting every time he walked more than about 10 feet and he was having numbness in his feet. (The colds are not related to the leg pain but it seems that one or both of us has been sick since December and we are tired of it!) Then it started hurting even when he was doing his regular morning swim. Then he went to see his doctor about it. This is how I knew it was serious: CPA Boy hadn't seen his doctor since the 1990s.

Somehow leg pain has translated into heart issues and various cardiac tests (of which he has another test tomorrow). Then next week he sees the cardiologist and a vascular surgeon to get some answers and a treatment plan.

One side effect included cancelling CPA Boy's annual trip to Maryland where he has a client to audit. No flying until they figure out what's wrong.

So that's what's been going on.

I have meant to write more often but I always put off writing about something because I feel I need to have a good illustration to go with the words. I am going to let go of that notion from here on out. If I have personal pictures to share then I will. If not, then the words will need to suffice.

I recently learned that cutting and pasting images from the Internet can possibly lead to legal issues ("cease and desist" orders and demands for compensation for using someone else's photo). This is one of those things that "everyone does" on the Internet. Plus I will need to learn how to watermark my own images in case someone steals from me! (Unlikely but you never know!) And I will go back and delete images that aren't mine from old blog entries. Whee.

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