Monday, April 29, 2013

Maybe Next Week?

CPA Boy got no pacemaker today.

It took several attempts trying to explain our concerns before the two nice gentlemen from Medtronic finally GOT it and got us the answers we needed.

The Medtronic company makes the pacemaker that CPA Boy will eventually get: the "Revo" model. You CAN get an MRI once you have this particular pacemaker --- but only 6 weeks after its installation. One nurse had said, "You can have an MRI the next day!" Um, no.

Anyway, the surgeon called off the surgery and sent us home but we made a detour and stopped by the primary care doctor's office --- we'll call him Dr. Jan --- to see about scheduling the damn MRI.

Dr. Jan was very kind and apologetic about our frustrating search for answers. Then he pretty much spent his lunch hour with us, going over EVERY test result and explaining the problems and putting all the puzzle pieces together.

By this time a fasting CPA Boy was hungry so we went to our favorite fish and chips restaurant for a late lunch. After lunch we got a call from Dr. Jan's office saying the MRI was scheduled for 4:30. At this point it was only 3:30 so we just went and sat in the waiting room. Which turned out to be a good thing because....

....One small complication: the MRI questionnaire tries to ascertain if you have any metal in your body. One question was, "Have you ever done any welding?" The answer was yes because CPA Boy used to work summers at his uncle's welding shop during his high school years.

A quick eye x-ray was needed to make sure no metal shards existed. Who knew that a welding job 30 years earlier could have possible repercussions?!

The MRI itself only took about 20 minutes. Then we stopped by the mall in Santa Rosa so I could get a phone case from the Apple Store (it's pink!) and CPA Boy could get some Mrs. Fields cookies to treat himself. We got home after 6.

So my husband is not yet on his way to becoming the bionic man. Maybe later this week or next week.

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