Sunday, May 26, 2013

Garage Sale and Other "Fun" Things

I have been so BUSY! We had a garage sale yesterday (made about $550) and the prep work took hours.

The house is still a riotous mess:
  • piles of books everywhere that I have warned CPA Boy to LEAVE ALONE because they are organized: 
    • some to Goodwill
    • some to the shelf where I keep my books for trading on Paperback Swap
    • some to go back on the bookcase
    • some to go to the "to-be-read" bookcase
So every time I pass by CPA Boy (right now he's watching a hockey playoff game) he says, "I moved your books!" Guh.

And I bought a new vacuum cleaner over a month ago and it's still in the box.

We are very tentatively thinking about buying a different house for myriad reasons: I hate the homeowners' association, for one thing.

Anyway, I need to fix a couple of things around the house in the next couple of weeks. Or at least call and schedule the proper people to do it for us. For example, the bathroom mirror in The Boy's bathroom slid down the back splash tiles onto the counter and needs to get re-affixed to the wall properly. Otherwise you can see a 4-inch swath of the previous wallpaper (it has sailboats and baskets of apples, two things that really don't go together). The current wallpaper is a cream and burgundy vertical stripe.

The day the mirror slid down we heard a huge BOOM noise and had no idea what it was until later that night when The Boy came downstairs and said, "You might want to look at this." Thankfully, it held in place and didn't tumble forward over the counter.

Then CPA Boy has another heart-related procedure scheduled on Thursday. We think this should be the last one for this for a while. Then there's the whole leg pain issue which the doctor's now think is completely unrelated to the heart issues.

CPA Boy had a muscle and nerve study done a couple of weeks ago. The nerve portion involved a device (kind of shaped like a taser) sending electrical signals and taking readings. He has no nerve damage which is good. The muscle study involved poking his legs in various spots with an acupuncture-type needle and taking readings. He definitely has some sort of muscle issue. So we will get referred to the next specialist (probably at UC San Francisco) presumably sometime in June.

The pacemaker is working as it should so that's good. Since CPA BOY was asymptomatic before he got the pacemaker he really feels no different since he got it. The doctors keep asking, "Do you feel more energetic? Have you noticed a change?" Nope, still the same. The muscle/nerve doctor called him a zebra. Most patients are horses and their health issues fall into a normal range. Zebras are medical mysteries and the doctors LOVE them.

Kind of a scattered post today but that's what's going on here. Another busy week coming up so we'll see if I get back here any time soon. I hope so!

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