Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Bionic Husband

Sorry for not writing a post updating the situation with CPA Boy. We have been so very tired this week that we took lots of naps and watched lots of TV, things that took no brain activity. Everything's fine but we just needed to decompress a bit!

We got to the hospital early on Monday morning and were on our way home by noon. (I believe we were both napping by 2 pm!)

Here he is before the procedure:
"The nurses love me!"

And after, with new pacemaker in place (the blob of bandages just above the sling):
"I went to the hospital and all I got is a souvenir pacemaker!"

The pacemaker itself is just below the surface of the skin but there was a large gauze pad over the top. That came off before his first shower a couple of days later and now there are steri-strips keeping everything together for healing.

All the nurses thought he was adorable (which he is of course!). The whole pacemaker procedure only took about 20 minutes. Since he only had a local anesthetic he was much more alert afterwards than with the angiogram where he was much groggier and slept for several hours before we went home. The doctor apparently likes his pacemaker patients to hang out for three hours after the procedure. We did that and then stopped to get some sandwiches to eat at home. Then the aforementioned naps began...

CPA Boy's heart rate is now a much more normal 60 beats per minute rather than the 30-35 it was before. He gets to wear the sling mainly to keep him from using his arm unnecessarily and when we go out in public it's a good way to let people know to keep from jostling him accidentally.

This coming week is filled with 3 different doctor appointments wherein we find out what's next in the chain of events leading to long-lasting good health for CPA Boy.

This journey is not over yet --- we still need to address the painful leg issue and the rest of the heart trouble --- but we finally feel we have moved along the path. Up until Monday morning everything was one diagnostic test or another. The pacemaker is an actual treatment course.

I hope to post something more frivolous soon. Medical stuff is SO stressful and serious!

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