Saturday, June 1, 2013

Start and Stop

Lately I have been starting books that I end up not finishing for one reason or another. A far cry from my younger days when I would plow through until the bitter end on almost every book I picked up. 

(Exceptions include The Celestine Prophecy, The Bridges of Madison County and Lord of the Flies.)

I got a book called The 5th Wave from the library which is another post-apocalyptic young adult novel. I was really enjoying it and was wondering if it was a complete-in-one-novel story or the start of another series. Turns out to be book one in a trilogy. This means the next two books won't be published until (probably) 2014 and 2015. So I set it aside to take back to the library.

I had read the first two books of another young adult trilogy earlier this year: Lauren Oliver's Delirium novels. The final book was released recently and I got it at the library. When I went to pick it up and start reading I realized that I had no memory of the first two books! So I figured that there was no point wasting time on a book whose first two volumes failed to instill excitement about the third! Back to the library it went!

The latest Dan Brown novel just came out. It's called Inferno. I'm in line for it at the library but in the meantime I thought I'd pick up a couple other of his books I hadn't read yet: Angels and Demons and The Lost Symbol. I read The Da Vinci Code years ago (but never saw the movie). As I got into Angels and Demons I realized it was very similar to The Da Vinci Code. Secret society causes mayhem, puzzles abound, Robert Langdon saves the day. Yep, back into the "return to library" basket.

And for the record, I have an actual plastic basket (it's red!) that I use to keep the books in so they are all in one safe spot. I go to the library about once a week so I almost always have something to return. I really do wish the people at the library were nicer though. No one ever chats with me when I'm checking out. They just scan my books and hand me the receipt. Oh well. 

Because the media was covering the fact that the last Sookie Stackhouse book was coming out --- oh, happy day! a completed series! --- I picked up the first book of the series. The name escapes me; they all have the word "dead" in the title. The book was fine and I watched a few episodes of the HBO series, which was really good, much better than the book.

Then I requested the next two books in the series. And realized quickly that this was a 13 book series. I really don't want to read 12 more books about Sookie. And I think the TV show seems more interesting. So those 2 books went into the red basket.

What's left? I have a zillion other books to choose from thanks to my long membership in Paperback Swap. It's funny though: I have the first 2 books of Justin Cronin who has written a horror trilogy (The Passage and The Twelve). They will stay on my shelf until the final book gets published! I read the first book in Deborah Harkness' series, A Discovery of Witches. I have the next book on my shelf but I will wait until the final book is out before reading the second book.

I am getting harder to please and/or I am no longer willing to waste my time.

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