Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What Would You Do Without Best Friends?

The Boy broke up with The Girl last night. He is sad but said he is strong and will "recover and rebound." Poor baby.

After the sad event last night, his best friend Red Beard was waiting for him across the street at the 7-11. He gave The Boy a ride home and also bought him a lottery ticket and a Playboy magazine. ("I didn't win," says my son.) 

But he obviously won in the best friend department! They have been best pals since kindergarten. Red Beard is one of the good guys. (As is my son of course!)

So a special shout out to my own BF, Lady Chardonnay! She has always been there whenever I had man trouble. Which was a constant state of affairs --- pun intended --- during our college years.

I should mention too that our motto back then was "Men are scum." (And "Cows are killers." Don't ask.) 

But The Boy and Red Beard aren't scum! I am glad they have each other for support.


  1. What would we do without BFs? Die!!!

    I am so sorry for your sweet boy, but it's totally true -- sweeties, flings, lovers come and go, but true friends are forever. He is very lucky to have a supportive besty!

    Also, men and cows have both won me over (because I'm mellowing as I age). But I still don't turn my back on either.

    Give your cherub a huge hug and kiss from Auntie Jen. And your poor gimpy husband too. :)


  2. YOU may have mellowed but I doubt the cows have!