Wednesday, July 3, 2013

And the Heat Goes On...

Ugh. It has been HOT for over a week now. This is the longest heat wave I can remember around here.

Our weather in Petaluma is generally wonderful during the summers. We have cool nights in the 50s and warm days, usually in the 70s and 80s. And lots of fog too.

As for high heat, we experience several heat waves during the summer usually lasting about 3 to 4 days where temperatures reach into the 90s and occasional low 100s. But the nights are still generally cool and give you and your house a chance to recover from the heat of the day.

THIS heat wave has included very warm nights. This makes a difference to the temperature in the house because the heat just builds and builds. (We really need to install some attic vents because it's so well insulated up there the heat never escapes.)

The only real comfort comes in staying directly under a ceiling fan and when you feel you can't take it anymore, there's air conditioning!

In order for the upstairs to be remotely comfortable the air condition needs to stay on for HOURS. I am way too cheap to do that! So I have avoided my office for a week. Hence, the lack of blog posting.

Today is supposed to get to a high in the low 90s and last night was definitely cooler thanks to a wonderful ocean breeze (we are about 20 miles from the Pacific Ocean).

Yesterday Pops and I did our usual shopping but we started at 8 instead of 10. It was actually really nice to be in stores because they were practically empty. We think earlier shopping may be the way to go.

Meanwhile we are still looking at houses and seeing very little to excite us. We are going to look at a couple of places on Friday though. We have already looked at one of them during an open house but the owner was also the realtor and he followed us around like a bad smell. So we glanced about and left. I'm not sure if he thought we'd steal something or if he was just trying to be "helpful". This time either he won't be there or our agent can keep him occupied while we look around.

I'm off to get a few more upstairs things done before it gets too hot up here!

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