Thursday, July 11, 2013

Do We Even NEED Pinkie Fingers?

Yes. Yes, we do. Not that you'd know from my actions over the last couple of years.

Almost two years ago I badly sliced my left pinkie finger while pitting an avocado. And I mean badly: Four stitches and some nerve damage.

The worst part: it cost just over $3,000! (Insurance doesn't kick in until we pay large deductibles.)

It was one of those really stupid things. We had just purchased some new knives and I was used to my old, dull knives. Not a good combo.

I still make guacamole from scratch but I tend to order it in restaurants more frequently. WAY cheaper than an emergency room visit.

And did I mention that the numbing shots before the stitches hurt worse than the cut itself?

Add in the embarrassment of showing up at the ER in my "around the house, don't go out in public" clothes and then actually running into people you know in the waiting room.


But that was then. This is now.

Monday night I was slicing cucumbers into the salad bowl using the mandolin slicer. I hadn't used it before and I was trying to gauge cucumber slice thickness and was reaching for the device that holds the food while you slice it. But something went wrong and I sliced  my RIGHT pinkie finger quite badly on the mandolin blade.

This was not a situation that called for stitches so no emergency room visit this time. (I really should get dressed up when I make dinner. Just in case. Apparently.) But it bled for hours. I'm still nauseous at the thought.

I decided to visit one of the nurse practitioners at my doctor's office to get it checked out yesterday. (We have long since reached our insurance deductible this year so there should be no extra cost for this office visit.)

I made her laugh with my litany of body parts I like about myself and how each one has let me down and that obviously my life lesson this month is to stop being vain about my youthful-looking hands.

(See? It's an illness: Hand vanity, a.k.a. Kelly Syndrome!)

She said it was akin to a burn and would heal fine. I got some antibiotic cream to use. And I keep my pinkie delicately extended so I don't hit the bandage (it's still pretty sore).

Luckily I've run out of pinkie fingers to scar. Two major wounds in two years is plenty.

And one last story: I did a search on the Internet about treating the injury. I found one message board where the husband was describing his wife's injury which was just like mine (pinkie, mandolin) and he included a link to the YouTube video of the injury! There was a warning about "lots of blood". Ya think?

Because when you are bleeding and in pain, nothing helps like whipping out the smart phone to record the whole thing. I need to remember that next time. Guh.

And my favorite quote from the search? "I bought a mandolin --- but they didn't say there'd be blood!"

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