Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Case of the Disappearing Teenager

The Boy just turned 20 a couple of days ago. His dad and I were out looking at houses and when when we got back our son came out of his room, said goodbye and left for the whole day. He hung out with his best friend Red Beard (and Red Beard's parents).

We didn't do anything for The Boy's birthday because there was no boy around.

(Okay, we wallowed just a little bit about the fact that we have a 20-year-old son but that's it.)

(Okay, we also had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen.)

Our son is in the phase of his life where hanging out with his parents is anathema. He'd rather hang out with his friend's parents. Sigh.

I have heard from other parents of boys that they break away and then come back around and appreciate their parents again. I look forward to that day!

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