Monday, July 8, 2013


Ugh! Every once in a while I get a twitchy eyelid. And it lasts for DAYS. So irritating. I'm pretty sure it's some sort of a stress-related issue (likely due to a possible house sale and purchase). Gotta say it's better than a stress-related migraine!

CPA Boy and I looked at three houses on Friday. One we ruled out pretty quickly: a small house on an acre of property. The house itself is cute (real estate speak for small) but they are asking $850,000 for it! And it's a modular home which means you order the pieces and it all gets put together on site. (Manuafactured homes are those on wheels like you'd find in trailer parks, modular homes are pre-fab.) Seems a little pricey!

Another one we looked at had a pool and a poolhouse that obviously served as an apartment for a teenage daughter. It was a mess! The house itself was nice but unfortunately was a two-story where the garage was on the ground level and most of the living quarters on the upper level. Sorry, CPA Boy, no pool for you!

The third house we visited was huge with a great backyard. Lots of deck, little yard maintenance. And a grape arbor! With grapes! The inside needs some work as it was built in 1987; the kitchen looks it. But it has possibilities.

Tomorrow we look at a few more houses, two in Novato which is about 15 miles south of here. I guess we'll see.

Next week CPA Boy is flying to audit a client in Maryland.

No wonder my eyelid is twitchy!

And PS: My best friend Lady Chardonnay made me a Kelly avatar a while ago which I FINALLY uploaded to my blog site. Isn't it cute?! (She's holding an Oscar award while standing next to a pile of books.)

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