Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Waiting for Results

I had a mammogram last Friday. While the procedure is not what I'd call enjoyable, I don't mind the discomfort involved.

What I mind is the wait for the results!

In the old days you had to wait about a week for a postcard to arrive before you could breathe that sigh of relief. (Or curse your luck and start in on the extra rounds of mammogram closeups, sonograms and biopsies for one boob or the other. Fun.)

I wonder if they still do this. Privacy laws for health-related things are fairly strict. They must have switched to an envelope system rather than a postcard. Because your mail deliverer doesn't need to see your results before you do! "Good morning, Mrs. Smith! I see your boobs are still cancer-free!"

Luckily, my results are all available online within a couple of days --- no more postcards or envelopes arriving a week later! --- as long as I go through the Sutter doctors. (When I have lost weight I always like to log in and look at the graph with the line going down!)

Anyway, my results are in and I can breathe a sigh of relief for another year! Yay!

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