Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow. Maybe.

I have decided that it's time to grow my hair out to its natural color. Which is white. Eeek!

I need to use a fairly dark hair color to cover the white hairs and after several years of coloring most of the length is basically black because it has soaked up so much color. I am not even sure I have any of my original dark brown anymore! If there's any left it's on the back of my head.

Generally my hair would get lighter as it grew out. But with the hair color it gets darker and ultimately LOOKS dyed. Part of this is my cheapness regarding paying hair stylists close to $100 (and spending about 3 hours at the salon) compared to $7 and 1 hour at home. 

In times past when I've grown out my hair color --- and I generally seem to do this right around vacations --- I end up with photos of myself with white hair down to my ears and the rest a dark, dark mess. Sigh.

This time I am going to try something different: chop it all off and grow it out from scratch. Right now my hair is really long, about 3 inches from my waist. It would take years to grow out the color and keep the length.

I will still need to grow it out somewhat, about 4 months worth should do it. My hair grows about 1/2 inch per month so if I can hold out for 4 months I will have a good two inches of growth in my natural color.

To help the process along I think it might be a good idea to get a shorter haircut with lots of short layers (usually I have long hair with long or no layers). My hair will be less heavy so it will "foof" and hide the roots longer. Luckily winter is coming (ooh, a Game of Thrones reference!) so I may be able to get away with wearing a hat too!

Here are the pros:
  • No more time or money spent on hair color.
  • I read on someone's blog (she was going through this process) that natural white hair is generally soft because the hair color is the main culprit making hair feel like straw.
  • If I hate it it will grow out and/or I can color it again. (If I have any of my original hair color left I can point to it and say, "Match THIS!")
  • My very dark hair will look natural instead of unnatural (the color buildup is not very pretty).
Here are the cons:
  • I might look older than my age.
  • I might look very different, going from long, dark hair to short, white hair.
  • I might look more Anne Hathaway in "Les Miserables" than Halle Berry in anything.
    • For those not in the know, Anne's hair gets chopped off to an extremely short (and unflattering) length in that movie because her character is poor and she sells her hair to support her daughter. I will assume everyone knows what Ms. Berry looks like.
Here I am a few years ago (with CPA Michelle) in process of growing out my hair color (also having a shorter, layered haircut):
It's snowing on top of Mt. Kelly!
I think having a relatively young-looking face will help (thanks to my good parental genes!).

Obviously this is a huge vanity issue!

My identity seems wrapped up in having longer, darker hair. Who will I be if I have short, white hair?! Obviously, still me, but vanity is strong!

I will try to do some before and after photos (I have difficulty with the process of taking "selfies"!). My plan is to have my hair cut sometime this month.Stay tuned!


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