Friday, November 1, 2013

Kelly's Pumpkin Carving: Scary or Just Pathetic??

I carved a jack-o-lantern yesterday for the first time in YEARS. (Usually I just get mini pumpkins for the entryway table.) And as I was trying to scrape out pumpkin guts I realized WHY it had been years since my last carving foray.

First of all, it wasn't as simple as sticking in the knife and carving! The knife went in but would stick. I wasn't able to follow my pattern with a "gentle sawing motion". I basically stabbed, yanked out and stabbed again. Eh, it got the job done but I did feel as though I was MURDERING the pumpkin.

And second, pumpkin guts are slimy and slippery. I am still a little nervous using knives with slimy, slippery textures (see: avocados and the emergency room visit a few years back). Plus all my spoons are wooden or plastic so I was having real difficulty scraping out the stringy stuff. Then I remembered our dinnerware set has a serving spoon made of metal. Hooray!

Anyway, the jack-o-lantern is supposed to look like it's screaming but it just looked overly Botoxed!

So Halloween was successful this year. The weather was perfect. (Last year it rained.) We ran out of candy around 8:20 and usually we stay "open" until 9.

We gave out full-size candy bars this year. Costco had them for the same basic price as the bags of fun size candy. And you get lots of oohs and aahs from the trick-or-treaters!

The Boy, who was dressed as a basketball referee (he had an afternoon shift at the theater and they dressed in costume), performed door duty. He does this with zeal and good humor. The kids seemed to get a kick out of a costumed candy dispenser. CPA Boy and I were watching a little TV in the family room and we heard things like:
  • Trick-or-treater: "You're a REFEREE!" 
  • The Boy: "Yes, yes I am." 
Then there was a group of boys who spent about 5 minutes at the door trading their candy bars in for something different. That led to this exchange:
  • Trick-or-treater: "Can I get doubles?"
  • The Boy; "NO."
And he was really great with the littlest trick-or-treaters, the ones so new to it they don't know what to do once candy is placed in their bag.They just stand there while their parents tell them to say thank you. But they don't move. The Boy would get down to their level and tell them "Happy Halloween!" So, so cute!

We haven't been out trick-or-treating since The Boy was in 4th or 5th grade which was about 9 or 10 years ago. What's sad is that the last time we took him out, we didn't KNOW it was the last time! The next year he went out with a bunch of friends and that was that. Having him hand out the candy was the next best thing.

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