Monday, January 20, 2014

Garden Sculpture

A few weeks ago CPA Boy and I were were shopping for a new kitchen island table. On our way into Rohnert Park to stop at Home Depot we saw a roadside vendor with a bunch of those metal sculptures: chickens and dinosaurs, pigs and roosters. Those are made from various color pieces of metal and have a rustic look (i.e. the metal has spots of rust).

But then I saw THIS:
It is so very pretty and looks great in our front yard where we have several rose bushes (though they are all cut down for the winter). It's actually about 5 feet tall. The large rose is about 8 inches across and the smaller rose is the size of an actual rose.

I placed it near the front door which is to the left in the photo. From the street it almost seems like a real rose bush.

We decided that the rose sculpture looked better than the multicolored animal sculptures.

Meanwhile, CPA Boy and The Boy are at a San Jose Sharks hockey game tonight. Over the weekend we had delicious shrimp sandwiches and cherry crunch for dessert. Here's a tasty view:

 Now I'm off to catch up on "Downton Abbey"!

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  1. My name is Harold and I covet your rose. Also, the cherry crunch and shrimp are making me hungry.