Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Haircut with Before and After Pictures!

When CPA Boy came home from work he didn't even comment on my hair as he is not generally observant about these things. He just grabbed some dinner and headed to his TV to watch hockey. So I guess my hair really isn't much of a change.

It's still in the same basic style. My stylist said really short hair would not be flattering to my face which is round, round, round. Even if I were thin I would still have a round face. I called one of my college ID photos "Smiling Balloon with Hair" and I was thin then!

So the plan is to just keep it at this new length and trim it every two months.

Here are the "before" pix:
You can see how shaggy the whole thing has become.
Being silly.

 Here are the "after" pix:

My hair got wavier once the weight of the old hair was removed.

Better than it was! Not the most flattering picture though.
I think it will take well over a year to grow out so this will be a long-term project. This will actually be a good style to have as it's just long enough to make a ponytail or a French braid.

And maybe at some point I could think about adding some long highlights so the new white growth is more blended. The stylist said I should just use the temporary 28-day hair color but in my experience that stuff never comes out of my hair completely. I do think there are some sprays to cover up the new growth wash out easily (I used them to color my son's hair for the "crazy hair" days in elementary school and they always came out of his hair with shampoo).

So, yay?


  1. Love the new length! Would you consider growing out your bangs and trying more of a side part? Once your bangs are grown out, you could then do long layers, which works really well with slightly wavy hair. That would also subtly reshape your face - right now, your hair is fullest at the widest part of your face. Long layers would add some more fullness up top and thin out the bottom a bit.

    I love playing with hair!

  2. I'm a little late on the blog-reading, but I love the shorter length! I agree with Lady C about the side part and slightly longer bangs, too -- as a similarly chubby-cheeked woman of a certain age, I think I look better with a slightly (~inch) off-center part and my bangs almost always end up sorta brushed off to the side.

    And, can I say, let the hair be natural! I think there's nothing more striking than a young-skinned woman (your face is amazing fresh) with white or light gray hair. I'm always envious of them when I see them and wish that my (gray) hair was bright rather dull steel.

    J. from SC who hasn't seen you in person in years, but wishes she could!