Saturday, January 18, 2014

My Coolest Christmas Gift

For Christmas I told my son that he needed to start taking part in giving gifts rather than just receive them. After all, he's 20 years old and employed! It's not like CPA Boy and I need more presents but I just thought it was time for our son to participate as an adult. I made it clear that it didn't need to be fancy or expensive, just a little something for each of us to unwrap.

And The Boy really came through!

CPA Boy received a gift card to his favorite fast-food place (Chick-Fil-A, which opened in nearby Santa Rosa last summer) and I got a life-size Tom Hiddleston!

Mr. Hiddleston is most famous for playing Loki in "The Avengers" and "Thor" movies. But I discovered him in the "The Hollow Crown" which was shown on PBS last November.

"The Hollow Crown" comprised 4 Shakespeare plays: Richard II, Henry IV Part One, Henry IV Part Two and Henry V, none of which I had ever seen or read before. The cast included Patrick Stewart, Jeremy Irons, Julie Walters, Michelle Dockery, Simon Russell Beale (an amazing Falstaff), Ben Whishaw (I knew him from "Cloud Atlas") Rory Kinnear and, of course, Tom Hiddleston.

These plays, especially Henry V, are the source of many famous Shakespeare lines including "Once more unto the breach, dear friends" and "We few, we happy few, we band of brothers."

The plays were excellent and I was especially enamored of the actor playing Prince Hal, the future Henry V. I looked him up to see what other things Tom Hiddleston had been in and discovered he plays Loki. Both "The Avengers" and "Thor" were available to watch on Amazon Prime so I got to see him in those as well.

Since The Boy works at the theater we always (teasingly) ask him to bring home the life-size displays for our favorite actors and actresses. But these are hot commodities among the theater workers and our son basically brings home very little. (So no Jennifer Lawrence for CPA Boy and no Hughs --- Jackman or Grant --- for me.)

Around the time I discovered Tom Hiddleston the Thor sequel had just opened and I jokingly begged The Boy every day for a poster or cardboard display of Loki. And that was my gift from him!

But both The Boy and I need to remember it's in my office upstairs because it scares us to death when we forget! That's why Loki is in front of the closet so he doesn't scare me as I walk into my office!

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