Friday, April 18, 2014

Catch Up Time

Not much going on overall these days. But here's a few tidbits.

I see that a handful of other blogs will do something like "Throwback Thursday" and feature an old photo as an easy blog entry. And yeah, I may try doing something like that but I don't necessarily think it's easier. It involves going through the boxes of photos, picking one out, scanning and uploading it and then writing about it. Seems like a bunch of extra steps to me!

I have been trying to make a dent in my reading pile. I was going through my bookcases and I realized I have quite a few books I haven't even read yet! So I put all my library books on hold for the time being and am trying to read the things I already have. Lots of history: a three book history of England by Simon Schama, a two volume biography of Hitler, Team of Rivals (from which the movie "Lincoln" came), and a few others.

In trying to pare down the amount of stuff I have, I have gotten rid of a lot of books and almost all of the DVDs. If it's something I won't read again, can get at the library, or have on my Kindle, it's not staying on the bookcases. I have been transferring the books I want from Diana Gabaldon, George R.R. Martin (or as we call him in our house "Grrrr Martin"), Anne Rice, Jean Auel, and so forth to my Kindle.

As an avid reader I absolutely prefer a real book in my hands. If a book has maps or family trees I like to flip back and forth to them and that is much easier to do with a real book than a digital copy. But it is so much easier to HOLD the Kindle than, say, a 5 pound behemoth from Stephen King. Some books aren't available digitally yet. The Rona Jaffe books I want are not, nor is ...And Ladies of the Club, a huge paperback from the early 1980s. They will stay on my bookcase for now. As will my Poldark books.

Only 3 out of 12 Poldark books are available for the Kindle in the United States and it doesn't look like the rest will follow. They are all available in England though. There is apparently a way to get books from involving resetting your Kindle to think it's British. Or something. I still need to do some research!

We were supposed to see the doctor on April 15th to get results of the genetic tests performed on The Boy and my mother-in-law but the doctor rescheduled and we won't see him until May 7th. If The Boy matches his dad's bad gene then they both have muscular dystrophy. And if The Boy has it then they can keep an eye on him over the years and minimize any heart problems as they arise. He would also have a 50/50 chance of passing it on to his own children. (If he doesn't have the bad gene, then yay! None of this matters.) If my mother-in-law has it then it's possible her other children might have it. We sure hope not though.

The Boy and I have been going to the gym on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I treadmill at my usual pace, about 3.5 miles per hour. My son RUNS on the treadmill, somewhere in the 5+ mph. But he's 20 and already fit so I can't really compare myself to him!

So here's a "throwback" picture! I am not sure when it was taken but I'm guessing Easter 1964? I'm not sure when else I would have had an outfit that included gloves! 

Here's another from the same day. This might not be Easter after all. My brother Everest and I were both born in February so by Easter 1964 (March 29th that year) he would have only been 5 weeks old (I would have just turned 2) and he looks older than that.

This picture of me makes me laugh; I love the way I am staring at those gloves (click on the picture to see it bigger):

Happy Easter!

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  1. Do you really want people clicking on a picture to see a bigger you? I love you, Kelly. CPA BOY