Sunday, May 4, 2014

Accomplishing So Much Nothing

I am always doing SOMETHING yet I never feel like I am accomplishing ANYTHING. I think that's why housework is so unsatisfying: you do it and then you need to do it AGAIN almost immediately. Seriously, when I am on my deathbed in the far, far future I will NOT bemoan how little housework I did! Keep in mind that I have EXCELLENT housekeeping skills (thanks to my mom and some years janitoring and custodianing my way through college. I just choose to avoid using those skills as much as possible!

[Spell check does not recognize "janitoring" and "custodianing" as words. Hmph.]

Eh, Monday is laundry and housework day. We'll see.

Accounting update: My 2014 Medical Expenses spreadsheet is off by $4.00 which means I am probably missing a prescription co-pay but to solve it I need to drag in CPA Boy. NOT to solve my problem (I can solve my own spreadsheet problems, thank you very much) but to give me a list of our medical information from Quicken, which is on HIS computer.

I am making a new blanket which is either quite beautiful or quite ugly. It's too soon to tell. I wasn't too sure about the one I made for The Boy at first either and it came out beautifully. So there's hope! Summer is not necessarily a good time to have a crochet project on one's lap! Here's how it came out:

  • Pet Peeve of the Day! I have noticed lately that a lot of people mispronounce this word: voila. I took French in high school so I learned to say it like this: vwah-LAH. There's supposed to be a V sound before the W sound. I was listening to a podcast yesterday and the speaker pronounced it wah-lah. I have even seen it written out as "wala"! (I realize there should be an accent over the "a" in voila but I don't know how to add it through the Blogger app.)

One of my current projects is to try to tackle the unread books on my own bookshelves rather than constantly reading library books. I just started Volume II of The Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson. Each of the 3 books is about 900 pages and very detailed. The story takes place (so far) in England, France and Holland from about 1660 to 1714. I have had these 3 books on my shelf for about ten years. I am pretty sure I read the first book at that time but never got around to the other 2. 

It's a set of historical novels with many famous characters: Isaac Newton, King Charles II, Louis XIV, even a young Benjamin Franklin. Anyway, I am really enjoying the story but it could be another month before I finish the series.

  • BONUS Pet Peeve of the Day! Why are Americans starting to use the phrase "an historical" instead of "a historical"? Anybody know? This was one of the things that separated British English from American English!

I have cut myself off from playing Candy Crush (and Words with Friends too). This is a popular "match 3" game that many people play on Facebook or via the app on tablets or smartphones. The game itself is free but you can make "in-app purchases" to buy upgrades to pass levels. You can play the game without purchasing anything but some levels take dozens or hundreds of tries. You only get 5 lives at a time to play unless you want to bug people on Facebook to send you free lives. Or you can wait 3 hours for the lives to regenerate. Eh, I am over it. Buh-bye, time-waster!

Well, this has been a random assortment of tidbits! Until next time!

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