Friday, June 20, 2014

Refrigerator Updated

Some things take forever and some things happen really quickly.

Case in point: Replacing our refrigerator. Getting CPA Boy to agree to buying a new fridge took well over a year. Once he knew his sister was looking for a fridge for their new house, it took four days from purchase to delivery.

(Hmm, when Wifey wants something it takes FOREVER but when Sissy wants something it takes 4 DAYS. What's up with that, CPA Boy?!)

For the record, Sissy and I loaded the refrigerator all by ourselves into her pickup truck. We used physics! By parking the truck on our driveway so the tailgate was low we were able to pivot the fridge back and in without breaking a sweat! Yay us!

On the left is our first fridge, purchased when we bought our first house in 1996 (before that we used whatever came with the apartment we lived in). Purchased from Sears, it is a Kitchenaid model measuring 33 inches wide by 66 inches tall. The cubic footage is between 18 and 21 (the manual was unclear but I think it is 18).

The new model is from Samsung, purchased from Home Depot. It measures 36 inches wide and 70 inches high so it completely fills in the available space. I was worried that it might stick out too far but it really doesn't. You can tell by the tile lines on the floor, which are 12x12, that it only adds about 3 or 4 inches.

We have a freezer in the garage so we didn't need a whole lot of freezer space. I think if we had to depend on just this freezer we probably would have purchased a similar model to the old one.

Did you know that some refrigerators now use Wi-fi so you can use apps to listen to music, check the weather, display photos, make grocery lists, and so forth? We did NOT get that type!

If you look at any appliances these days, almost every display model is stainless steel which is extremely popular. I don't know why. Our other appliances in the kitchen are all stainless steel. (The people we bought the house from had replaced all of the kitchen appliances just before we bought it and they chose stainless steel.)

Now the stainless steel in and of itself is fine; I like silver tones. But the issue is this: stainless is really hard to clean unless you buy a special stainless steel cleanser. Grrr, like I don't already have enough cleansers. Otherwise it always looks streaky (I guess the oils in fingerprints are really hard to remove from the metal and they just coat the surface unevenly).

Makes you wonder why they call it "stainless" steel. Ha!

I prefer white appliances so we got a white fridge. After all, when the time comes to move somewhere else we are taking the fridge with us!

Another annoying thing about stainless steel: magnets only stick to the sides, not the front. We don't have tons of fridge magnets anymore. I like to make designs with my Lego magnets so that usually changes every month or so.

The next kitchen project will be changing the counter tops but we aren't sure when that will happen yet. You can see a corner of our current counter top in the first picture in the lower left. It's Corian that's kind of yellowish (which I like to call Nicotine Yellow) and it sort of matches the paint on the walls of the house (both interior and exterior).

I prefer the walls to be even more neutral with something like Antique White (no Navajo White or Bone for me!) Recently Lady Chardonnay and I briefly talked about this. She prefers walls with some color, NOT white (like stainless steel appliances, I think most people prefer this now too so obviously I am in the minority).

But because our decor is red, black and white everything looks wrong up against Nicotine Yellow! And we have a modern, minimalist thing going so to my eyes the walls look dirty. Yes, I have odd taste in home decor! (And I have infected CPA Boy with it too, I think!)

Quick shout out to Pop who let me store food in HIS refrigerator overnight. Thanks, Pop!

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