Sunday, August 17, 2014

Oh, My Aching Feet!

So I seem to have developed Plantar Fasciitis in my left foot in the last couple of weeks. This means I have intense pain in my left heel when I get out of bed or stand up after sitting for a while.

Some of the risk factors?
  • Overweight? Check!
  • Ages 40-60? Check!
  • Go barefoot often? Check!
  • Wear shoes with inadequate support? Check!
Besides stretching and other exercises one way to help the pain is by wearing supportive shoes all the time (except sleeping, of course). Or at least use an orthotic in your shoes to add support for your arches.

I HATE wearing shoes in the house!! I go barefoot all the time. I will wear slippers (with inadequate support) when it's cold but that's it.

I bought some Dr Scholl's orthotic inserts and they help. These are basically cushy little pads you put into each shoe. But at home, where I am most of the time, I have been putting off wearing my shoes.

But the pain started ramping up again and so I put my shoes on. Voila! It helps. (Darn it.) So I need to follow through and wear them all the time. Since I generally sit on the sofa with my feet all curled up on the cushions I have decided that taking them off when I sit down is okay. I just put my shoes on every time I get up.

There are places to go to buy custom orthotics but so far the cheapies seem to be doing the job. There are also several shoe makers who make shoes with orthotics such as Vionic. I ordered a cute pair of shoes to try out. The shoes with orthotics are so expensive though! Vionic has a pair of slippers that cost $60!

Too many years of buying cheap, comfortable shoes is a hard habit to break.

But the big decision is this: cheap, unsupportive shoes and pain OR expensive, supportive shoes and pain-free?

Say, speaking of Dr. Scholl's, does anyone remember the exercise sandals? They were made of WOOD and were NOT very comfortable to wear. I had a red pair at some point during my college years but I don't think I wore them often. I walked a LOT during my college years and wearing shoes that made your shins ache constantly were not the way to go!

I just checked the Dr. Scholl's website and they still make them! A mere $78! (No thanks!)


  1. I had a bad bout of plantar fasciitis a few years ago, and I never bought better shoes. The cheapie inserts definitely helped, but the biggest help was to remember to stretch my calf muscles before standing up. As long as I stretched enough, I had no pain. So I still went barefoot inside the house and wore the inserts every time I wore shoes, and eventually it went away. (And as you know, I'm still overweight and did not get any younger.) I hope your bout passes quickly as well!


  2. It is interesting because I wear the exercise sandals to keep the PF at bay. They are comfortable and not hot like shoes in the summer. When I get off work, the shoes come off and I wear the sandals.