Sunday, August 31, 2014

This is What Happens When Your Potassium Levels Go Up

So I am doing a bit of research on potassium levels. CPA Boy has recently started a new drug that elevates his potassium so I wanted to see what could be done to manage it. Off to WebMD I go!

Basically it's this: take in LESS potassium and pee out more of it (sometimes with the help of a diuretic --- oh goody, another possible medication). But that's not the fun part. Off to the side I see the list of the top 12 videos on WebMD:

In case you can't see the picture clearly, #8 says "Sperm Washing". Uh, WHAT?!?

I did NOT click the link so I am still mystified as to what this might be. (Nor am I going to do any sort of Web search on this. That way leads to porn sites. I assume.)

Is it a technique related to fertility treatments? (Probably the most likely answer.) Are men jealous of women because the vagina is self-cleansing? The title of an old Monty Python skit? Is it part of a an environmental responsibility article about cleaning whales? How does sperm get dirty? (Never mind! I do NOT want to know the answer to THAT question!)

I got questions but no answers.

[And now some poor person will search this term and end up at my (not even remotely pornographic) blog. Welcome, "Sperm Washing" searchers!]

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