Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Yesterday, during Tuesday's errand run with Pops, we were in a slight car accident. I started tp make a right turn onto a four-lane boulevard. The right lane was clear at first and I stated to go but then a truck in the left lane moved to the right line so I had to stop again. Unfortunately the large white truck behind me didn't see that I had stopped and hit my car. It wasn't hard enough to set off the airbags and was a fairly minor accident.

Or rather, the trucked kind of pushed my car forward a bit. We pulled over and checked out the cars. Mine had miniscule damage but the guy's truck's front bumper and license plate were pushed in an inch or two. Who knew Priuses were so tough?

Anyway, we were fine but I certainly have the kind of personality to create whiplash out of a tiny twinge in my neck or shoulder! But then I also watched 2 movies yesterday so sitting on the sofa for 5 total hours could cause the same shoulder ache!

  • One of the movies I watched was Bridge on the River Kwai. Along with Marty and All Quiet on the Western Front I am up to 50 total Oscar Best Picture winners. And later this week I will be recording The Apartment and 12 Years a Slave.
    • I figure if 12 Years is too intense I can always stop watching it, right?

I have made some good progress on reading a bunch of the books on my own shelves while still getting through quite a few library books. It seems a lot of books I am interested in reading are being released in the next couple of months. My library queue, which is limited to 20 books at a time, is completely full, mostly with books that are "on order" or are "in process".

Our library has self-checkout which I love. I am in and out so quickly. Since I request my books on-line, the library has a set of shelves right at the front so you can grab them, self-checkout and go.

CPA Boy has a bunch of upcoming Oakland A's games so I am getting through a bunch of movies and books.

Tonight's dinner will be Stuffed Pork Chops, using my mom's recipe. I will share the recipe soon. Maybe with pictures!

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