Friday, November 28, 2014

Is This My Life Now?!

I spent last Monday visiting a 90-year-old.

Then on Wednesday I took an almost-80-year-old to a doctor's appointment.

On Friday, Monday and Tuesday I babysat an 85-year-old.

CLEARLY, I need some new (younger) friends!

The 90-year-old is my sweet, sweet aunt (Pops' sister) who lives in a residential care home and no longer remembers any of us.

It is heartbreaking that she is gone from us yet not gone from us at the same time. She is truly the sweetest, kindest person I have ever known.

The almost-80-year-old is Pops. He is always fun to hang out with! He normally handles his own doctor appointments but we have been planning on lunching at a place in Penngrove run by a Greek guy named Yanni. It was convenient for me to drive us to the appointment and then to lunch. Yanni's specializes in sausages. I had the Thanksgiving Sausage sandwich and it was SO good! And I don't even really like sausage! When Yanni heard that we are Greek he threw in some Greek fries for free! We think my brothers, Everest and K2, might like it too, next time they visit.

The 85-year-old is CPA Boy's grandmother. She was recuperating from her pacemaker surgery and I was finally able to have a day home of "free time" (catching up on everything I have been putting off in November). Then Grandma fell getting out of bed and scraped her arm.

To recap: she had pacemaker surgery; she fell down some stairs on September 3rd scraping her legs and arm; she fell getting out of bed; and she still has a melanoma on her forehead. I am almost afraid to suggest taking a walk around her mobile home park because someone might think we beat her up given all her wounds!

Anyway, we got her a walker and that has helped her get around with more stability. So for now I am off duty there.

Then it was Thanksgiving. Pops helped me make the stuffing Wednesday and then came over to have dinner with me, CPA Boy and The Boy for the big day. We had a 17-pound turkey which cooked up beautifully. The sides were mashed potatoes, glazed carrots, gravy, stuffing and rolls. Simple but delicious!

People have been making a to-do over people needing to work because stores are starting to open more on Thanksgiving but our son always works on that day along with Christmas and New Year's Day. No one ever says movie theaters should be closed on the holidays too!

Next week are more doctor appointments. I am the chauffeur for everyone these days!

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