Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Missing Weeks

My life has been crazy for the last few weeks!

October was a really bad month for my breathing. I have developed allergies, mainly hay fever,  over the last 5 or so years. Apparently Sonoma County is a bad place to live with allergies as our skies are constantly filled with some allergen. My allergy symptoms come and go all year round but are particularly bad in March through October.

Mine had gotten so bad that I could barely breathe in the shower (too much moisture in the air, I guess) and when I laid down to sleep I could barely take in enough air. I also coughed constantly. I didn't get a good night's rest because it was so difficult to fall asleep.

I kept waiting for the end of the season but it was clear things weren't getting better. I made an appointment for October 29. The doctor prescribed me an inhaler and some nasal spray. I picked them up at the pharmacy and came home to try them out. They gave me instant relief! I was really tired from several sleepless nights so I went to take a nap at 5:30 pm. And didn't wake up until the next morning at 9 am!

Meanwhile some of my fingernails were growing with a weird curve to them so my doctor had me tested for vitamin D levels. Normal levels range from 25 to 100. My score was 11. So I also got a giant vitamin D supplement for the next 8 weeks.

The Boy wanted to dress up for work for Halloween. He didn't wait until the last minute but he didn't leave a lot of leeway either! We went shopping for supplies the Monday before Halloween and then because of my exhaustion I didn't really get started until October 30.

He went as the character Emmet from "The Lego Movie". This basically involves making a construction worker costume. That part was easy enough, using duct tape and an orange t-shirt to make a vest and turning an orange convict costume into just pants. The problem came with the yellow face paint to make The Boy Lego-colored.

He had to be at work at 10:30 in the morning so I suggested we test it a bit the night before. It turns out that the tubes of yellow facepaint we bought came out in something resembling curds. They were basically some yellow suspended in a clear liquid. Naturally they were "Made in China" and I really didn't want to smear any of this on my son's face!

Since we didn't have any other options we went the do-it-yourself route. It took several tries, following a few recipes from the Internet. Using flour, vaseline, food coloring, cornstarch and other things we came up with a yellow paste. It was okay but not great. It just wouldn't go on smoothly and The Boy ended up washing it off after a couple of hours anyway!

Isn't he cute?!
"Emmet" with the Piece of Resistance

It turned out cute and people who had seen "The Lego Movie" knew who he was supposed to be. Everyone else assumed he was a construction worker.

CPA Boy's grandmother was supposed to have a melanoma removed from her forehead on October 29 but the surgeon needed to use general anesthesia rather than a local. The cardiologist didn't want her to have general anesthesia unless she had a pacemaker first. This happened on November 3. She's 85 so they kept her in the hospital for a couple of days during which she was champing at the bit to go home.

I drove her home from the hospital and then proceeded to spend the better part of the last two weeks with her during the day (excluding weekends). She really couldn't be left alone as it was hard for her to get up from her recliner and someone needed to be with her to help with getting to the bathroom, get her lunch and just keep a general eye on things. My mother-in-law came in the mornings and evenings (she works during the day) and I was there by day.

I won't be able to do much this coming week as I have things scheduled to do with my Pop instead. I think this might be a good time to sign Grandma up for Meals on Wheels. She's eligible (over 60 and housebound) and then someone would be able to stop by during the day making sure she gets something to eat. She's moving around on her own but her hands tremble a bit and that makes it dangerous for her to heat up some soup, say, and then need to carry it to her chair.

The problem is that I live about 40 minutes away so it's not easy just to pop in every day at lunchtime. But then I am the only family member who doesn't have work or school right now.

And in the midst of all this CPA Boy got food poisoning which meant a joyful evening cleaning up his barf from the bathroom floor.

I believe the comment I made that best sums up my life is this: I want to run away but I don't know where to go!

So that's where my weeks have gone. And Thanksgiving is coming. And Christmas. Ugh.

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