Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Kicking 2014 to the Curb

Let's review the decade so far, shall we?

In 2011 we lost Mom to heart and breathing problems. It is horrifying that almost 4 years have passed so quickly without her.

Meanwhile, our slacker son decided to blow off everything so he didn't finish earning his final rank in boy scouts nor did he bother doing well in his first semester at the junior college. )Side note: he went back to college for Fall 2014 and is doing much better, majoring in chemistry and getting A's and B's.)

We went to Colorado in 2012, taking Pop to visit my brother K2. When we got back Pop had appendicitis and had emergency surgery. Most of that year is a blur otherwise. I think that means it was a fairly uneventful year for CPA Boy and me. The Boy gave up on college and got a job at our local movie theater (where he still works now) after I bombarded him with constant nagging: "Got a job yet?" "How many jobs have you applied for today?" "Got a job yet?" (It worked! He had a job within a couple of weeks!)

The year 2013 just sucked. CPA Boy became mysteriously ill, starting with leg pain in January and leading to ever more serious heart problems and procedures. By the time December rolled around we finally had a diagnosis that explained all: muscular dystrophy. It was like living in a "House" episode except that it lasted for an entire year and there was no miracle cure by the end. (He's fine and stable for now so that's something good.)

In 2014 things were a bit more sedate at first. But then we found out that The Boy has the same muscular dystrophy gene as his dad so that was disheartening to say the least. But forewarned is forearmed so The Boy will be able to get regular checkups and will hopefully minimize issues as they arise, so that's something good.

Then CPA Boy's grandma had all sorts of health issues to contend with starting in September: a pacemaker implanted, a melanoma removed and a couple of bad falls at home. She seems on the road to recovery but I am planning to visit once a week to help with anything she needs. I already go shopping with Pop every Tuesday morning so I will head to Grandma's on Tuesday afternoons.

And CPA Boy's dad needed some surgery too which necessitated a few trips into San Francisco, where the major medical-surgical centers are located. He came home on Christmas Day and is healing up nicely at home right now though I believe he needs one more surgical procedure in 2015 before he will be fully on the track to wellness.

Because of the trip into San Francisco on Christmas Day we postponed our present opening to December 26 instead.

And because The Boy works at the theater tonight for New Year's Eve we celebrated last night instead, eating our Trader Joe's and Target-brand snacks while playing games of Monopoly and Fluxx. So tonight we can ignore the hoopla and go to bed early!

I'd say I am looking forward to 2015 but it seems as if the teens decade has not been over-kind to us so far! All I want is a relatively boring life again!

[And a special shout-out to Lady Chardonnay whose 2014 was way worse than mine: losing her beloved dad in May and then trying to help her mom through a bad fall on Christmas Day, including a hospital stay, from all the way across the country. Stay strong, Lady C! We send love and strength to you from California.]


  1. Happy New Year, Kelly! I'm glad I got to see you (even if it was for an unhappy reason). I hope we get to see each other again soon...under better circumstances. Love, J.

  2. And yet we all stayed up until midnight, anyway. To a better new year and an improved decade.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out! I'm doing okay. And one of my life's learnings is that we should never hesitate to complain about our own miseries -- there is ALWAYS someone worse off than we are. Cheers!