Monday, February 23, 2015

Mundane Mondays - Clocks!

To most people, clocks are indeed mundane. But not to me! That's why it says "Clocks!"

Yes, I am weird.

In our house we have several clocks on the wall, mainly because I like to know what time it is at all times. I think this relates to time-sensitive tasks: picking up The Boy at school, deciding when to start dinner, knowing when a TV show is coming on.

And yet, I haven't needed to pick up my son from school for years. I also record everything to the DVR and watch when I want rather than the moment the programs're on. I still (occasionally) make dinner though! (And when I am on vacation I do NOT want to know what time it is AT ALL! I want vacation from clocks too!)

This isn't even counting all other time-telling pieces of equipment like the microwave, oven, intercom (the only part of the intercom system that works is the clock), bedside clock-radios, phones, tablets, watches, or the cable box. I think I might be missing some. It seems like we change a LOT of clocks when the time changes.)

This one is in the downstairs hallway, your basic workhorse clock that you glance at as you head out into the garage:

This hangs on the dining room wall as you go into the kitchen. It is the fancy pants clock:

This is the kitchen clock. It says "Kelly's Pie Diner" because CPA Boy asked my what I would name a pie restaurant. Would it be Kelly Pie's Diner or Kelly's Pie Diner? I thought the second one made more sense for a (fake) restaurant:

The Boy clock hangs in the family room. It has pictures of my son during his first year so it's over 20 years old now. Pops made it for me as a Christmas gift in 1994:
This is the little pink cutie in my office:

This is CPA Boy's office clock (and rat bumper sticker):

We traded in the Comcast cable boxes for Tivo boxes but Tivo doesn't have a clock display unlike Comcast. We missed seeing the time so each TV room got new clocks during the last year.

This hangs in the living room, where CPA Boy mainly watches TV. It is kind of loud (you can hear the mechanism working) so I could never have it in a room where I was watching TV or reading!

And this is the one I have right above the TV in the family room, where I watch TV and read. It is silent!

In case you missed one!
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  1. Good to know that you are making good use of your time.

  2. I spy Kelly's nostrils in one of the reflections. Heh heh!

  3. Twice per year, we really regret having all of those clocks...