Monday, February 9, 2015

Mundane Mondays - Dishes

In my adult life I have only had three sets of dishes. I bought the first set when I was in college. There was a shop on the Pacific Garden Mall in Santa Cruz (I don't think the shop exists anymore) and I bought two dinner plates, two cereal bowls and two mugs in my favorite colors at that time, green and blue.

They looked like this:
They were stackable, made of melamine and appealed to me immensely, even though they were kind of pricey. I think they cost something like $4 per piece in 1980, which was probably the reason I only got 2 sets. (Today I would buy them in red, white and black!) I used these throughout my six years of college (don't change majors more than once, kids!). I don't know what happened to the mugs or cereal bowls but my mom kept the dinner plates to use as cake plates. I think only the green one remains in Pop's kitchen now.

I didn't learn this until a few years ago that these were created by a designer named Massimo Vignelli in 1964. They were sold in the United States by a company named Heller in 1971. You can still buy them today.

Then when I had my first apartment in 1987 I furnished it from Cost Plus which in those days had a lot of inexpensive imported items (now they only seem to have expensive imported items). I bought a chair and a bookcase along with some new dishes. They were a cream color with a tiny, colorful confetti pattern on them. They were very simple and I really loved them. I wish I had a picture of one but I don't, alas.

And finally, our current dishes!

These are from Corelle, called Winding Gate. (There was a green version too. It's hideous.) The pattern was released in 1997 and discontinued shortly thereafter so I guess I can safely say we bought them in 1997! They are lightweight, especially in comparison to the confetti stoneware.

A few years later I discovered an odd lot of Winding Gate dishes available on eBay. It included serving bowls and tiny dessert dishes, among other things. And if we need to add any plates we can just add the plain white dishes that are still available at the Corelle Outlet stores because they match perfectly.

In all the years we've had them only one has ever broken, when The Boy dropped one. They generally don't break when dropped but this one must have fallen just right (or just wrong) and broke in about 4 pieces.

We really love these so I don't see us changing any time soon. There are several current Corelle patterns featuring red and/or black on a white plate so I guess we could change our pattern but the Winding Gate pattern is so clean and simple, why change?

Okay, so does anyone want MORE Mundane Monday entries? Or is it too boring? Leave a comment and I will reply!


  1. I like reading your blog, mundane or otherwise! Carry on.... J.

    1. Thank you, my dear friend! I still hope to get down to SC and see you, hopefully later this year!

  2. If you make it, I will eat it - off any dish. Wait, are you not the prettiest dish I know?

    1. Since one of our family mottoes is "You're gonna eat it and you're gonna LIKE it!" I should think so! I guess that makes you the spoon since "the dish ran away with..."