Thursday, February 12, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Kelly & Everest Have a Birthday!

My brother Everest and I have February birthdays that are 8 days apart. This meant that there was a convenient weekend in the middle where we got only one cake to share. Looking at the calendar for that year it must be Sunday, February 21.

We are two years apart in age so, even though I was almost 3, I was still 2 in this picture while Ev had just turned 1. There are 4 pink candles and 2 blue candles because you always got an extra candle: one to grow on!

The picture was taken in my Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw's house, in the kitchen. You can see the (very boxy) Frigidaire behind us. There is also a bottle cap remover mounted on the wall behind Ev. And one of my Maw-Maw's paintings on the wall too.

So I went back through the photos and found all of our shared birthdays.

Here we are, at ages 4 and 2:

The kitchen wall is no longer red! And the cake is chocolate, hooray! But apparently you didn't always get an extra candle to grow on. And we obviously weren't prepared for this photo, posing monkeys that we were.

Now we are 5 and 3 but in my grandparents' living room this time (more room for company):

Yay, chocolate cake again! Everest is stylish in a vest and bowtie!

And now we turn 6 and 4:

Again, no candle to grow on! And no chocolate cake, boo hiss!

I am now turning 7 and Everest is 6. Our cousin CB is 1.
To add to the birthday fun, CB was born exactly between our birthdays so our parents killed 3 birthdays with one cake this year.

After this (and once K2 came along) we started getting our own cakes at home for each birthday. Since Pops also has a February birthday this made February the BEST MONTH. We had cake almost every day!

Happy Birthday Everest! For old times sake we should celebrate our birthdays on February 22!

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