Wednesday, August 12, 2015

They Were United States Presidents and No One Remembers Them Anymore!

Did everyone have fun listing all the U.S. presidents? (Read this if you need the background of this question.)

I listed them in chronological order and got all but 3 and reversed the order of two. My missing presidents were Millard Fillmore (13), Franklin Pierce (14) and Chester Arthur (21). I reversed Madison (4) and Monroe (5). (In hindsight this seems obvious: one never says "Monroe and Madison", it's always "Madison and Monroe", right?)

CPA Boy missed a mere 7: James Monroe (4) (me: But he had his own doctrine!), Benjamin Harrison (23), James Garfield (20), William McKinley (25), William Taft (27), Woodrow Wilson (28) and Warren Harding (29). Obscure assassinated presidents and the early 20th century were NOT his bailiwick. And, of course, he remembered "President" Alexander Hamilton.

Thor got 34 so he did pretty well although it was funny to see him try to come up with presidents of the 1970s! He missed 10: Zachary Taylor (12), Millard Fillmore (13), Franklin Pierce (14), James Buchanan (15), James Garfield (20), Chester Arthur (21), Benjamin Harrison (23), William McKinley (25), Warren Harding (29), and Calvin Coolidge (30).

All of us knew that Grover Cleveland was 22 AND 24. And with the exception of the Harrison family (Benjamin was the grandson of President William Henry Harrison), we got all the other related pairs: Adams, Roosevelt and Bush. And the two (unrelated) Johnsons.

So these are the more obscure presidents based on our lists: Fillmore, Pierce, Arthur, B. Harrison, Garfield, McKinley, and Harding. We could not think of a single thing any of these men had done while in office (excluding assassinations for 2 of them).

Who are your "forgotten" presidents?


  1. Zaphod Beeblebrox. "That's cool, we'll meet the meat."

  2. Okay, I double-dog dare you: State Capitals. I got 45 of 50! Much better than I expected to. As always, I forget the Carolinas, and I also missed New Mexico, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

    Geez, we're geeky!


    1. I am awful! I only got 35. I missed many of the Mid-West, some of the Deep South and a few East coasters. I've been to or driven through about half a dozen of them but I doubt that earns bonus points!

      I was accused in college of enjoying "pointless intelligence quizzes". Not much has changed in 35 years obviously.

      My geek flag is raised high!

  3. Well, at least I am not the one you sat down with to do calculus, just for grins, am I, Lady C? (But, I confess to being a bit envious about that and sometimes think, I'll try that when I retire...)

    Consider all the "pointless intelligence quizzes" we'd fail spectacularly: Vice Presidents, year of entry into the Union, countries in Africa, naming the Seven Seas or Dwarfs or Deadly Sins...

    I don't know, should we quit while we're ahead? (it is better than working, though!)