Monday, August 24, 2015

This 'n That

I have been busy GETTING THINGS DONE and there are still so many more things left to do!

In my office closet were small boxes containing calendars, letters, newspapers, ticket stubs, school records and many other things I've saved over the years, nay, decades.

I had the collection of stories my friends and I wrote in high school during freshmen year. My friends --- we called ourselves "the Group" --- consisted of six other girls and most of us were boyfriend-free for those early years of high school. The stories involved matching each girl to her crush du jour and getting the pairs together on the page if not in real life. I have no memory of the boy I was paired off with in these stories! I can only assume this is because we wrote them before I got my big crush on one of the football players (who also happened to be my biology class lab partner in 10th grade) and I had to be paired with someone. None of the boys we paired up with in stories ever paired up with us in real life. I'm not sure any of us ever even talked to any of them or danced with them at the dances after football or basketball games.

For the record, even though my football/biology crush had a girlfriend, I did get to dance with him at a dance or two! And hang out with him at the one high school party I attended. He gave me a sip of his beer which was the sum of my entire drinking life in high school!

In any case, the stories were full of inside jokes that have long since been relegated to the mists of time. I was not the author of most of them so it's not like it was a treasure trove of my early writing. So what to do with the pile of stories?

I tossed every single page! FREEDOM!

Anyway, I went through each box and made piles. Each pile got a page protector and a label: high school, San Francisco State University, U.C. Santa Cruz, notes from CPA Boy, things from Thor, cards, tickets, travel, Everest, K2, and so on. Now I am going through each page protector and determining if any of this stuff is worth keeping and if so, worth putting into a scrapbook. I have culled quite a bit and it feels great.

Then once this stage is done I will put everything into scrapbooks. Instead of loose pieces of memorabilia I will have actual books of memories on a shelf. FREEDOM!

I currently have a pile of 11 library books and have only read 4 of them so far. It never fails that the books I put on hold at the library seem to descend all at once. (I don't often bother to put my library list on hold when this happens so it's my own fault.) Luckily there is almost nothing on TV so I am busy reading most nights in the summer.

Various household projects are getting done too. One of the best feelings is checking off an item on the old to-do list! Still many things left to do, alas.

Our neighborhood streets are in the process of being resealed (our homeowners' association owns the streets and our HOA dues pay for the upkeep of them) and our section is scheduled to get done this Thursday. This means no driving on our section from 7 a.m. Thursday to after 1 p.m. on Friday. So if you need to go out you need to park your car outside the perimeter before Thursday. CPA Boy is working from home on those days and Thor will park elsewhere (the equivalent of parking two or three blocks away) because he needs to get to work (can't work from home when you work at a movie theater!).

So that's what's going on around here. GETTING THINGS DONE! Hallelujah!

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  1. You finish items on the list; I keep adding to the list. It's a beautiful partnership.