Sunday, August 9, 2015

Where in the World is Kelly?

Don't get too excited, people. I'm still here, I'm still alive, despite the two month drought of entries.

Things going on over the last couple of months left no room for blogging. I hope to get back into my slightly more regular routine in the next couple of weeks. I have loads of books to discourse on and several other little things to share.

So. What "things", you ask?

Pops had some health issues that were fairly serious, involving a couple of short hospital stays at three different hospitals. He's mostly fine now as he is in excellent shape for an Old Fart but he's still not quite 100%.

Because of all the various care-taking for family members with medical issues over the last 9 months I was seriously behind on every form of house maintenance. Let's see, we had family members with cancer, melanoma, pacemakers or a heart attack. And NONE of these were CPA Boy, he of the muscular dystrophy issues! He is doing well and has had stable health for well over a year now.

We are getting a new heater and air conditioner so that means estimates and decisions.

I am trying very hard to minimize our "stuff". This means culling unused items from every nook of the house. It is a slow process. Sure, decide to get rid of a table. But then the real work begins. Do you try to sell it? If so, take pictures, make measurements, write an ad on the neighborhood exchange, deal with the callers, pocket the money. If not, is it worth donating? Will it fit in the car so you can take it to Goodwill? Can it fit in the garbage can? Should I add it to the junk pile (our garbage company picks up large items for free twice a year)?

In the meantime all this type of stuff sits in the house, unused and in the way, making the house look even more cluttered than when I began the purge. Bit by bit I am getting it done.

The Boy, who is now 22 and henceforth will be known as Thor, still lives at home. He will never leave us, I fear. Here is a panel from today's "Zits" comic strip:

This is EXACTLY how I feel about Thor on most days. He's at the age where he questions and criticizes everything I say.

Example: I noticed that one of the beater heads for my hand mixer was in the dish drainer. This was odd because I hadn't used it for anything and CPA Boy is not allowed to use the hand mixer (he burned out the motors of the last two I had so now he has to use the stand mixer instead). I asked Thor about it and he said he had used it to whip some eggs to scramble. I asked him not to use it anymore and he about had a conniption. "WHY can't I use it?" Because I don't want you to. Use a whisk instead. "The whisk is too BIG." Um, then use a fork like the rest of us do!

By the way, here's where the name Thor comes from: when I was pregnant we used to refer to the extra pillow between us --- generally known as the "breathing pillow" because I didn't like being breathed on by sleeping CPA Boy --- as Petunia or Thor because we were testing to see if we would roll over an actual baby should we ever bring him or her into bed with us. Yes, we rolled over the pillow and no, the baby never slept in our bed. Anyway, it was a boy so Thor it is!

Okay, this is a start. I hope to have more written soon.

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  1. It is not too late to change his name to Thor, or Jeremy, or Petunia. I am glad that you did not point out that my mental health has not been stable...