Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Random Crap: Getting Older Edition

Items from the Get-off-my-lawn-I'm-getting-old file:
  • I have been subscribing to Entertainment Weekly since 1990. In fact I am a charter subscriber. Lately I've noticed that they have decreased the font size on many of their feature articles. Now I'm a hip chick: I mainly read EW on my iPad (we pass on the paper copy to Pops) but the print is noticeably smaller there too.
    • In 1990 I was 28 years old. Now I am on the wrong side of 50. Methinks EW is still written for people in their 20s and 30s, not for fuddy-duddies in their 40s and 50s.
      • Spell-check wants me to change "fuddy-duddies" to "faddy-duddies". Or "ruddy-duddies", "muddy-duddies" or "buddy-duddies". What the hell, spell-check? THOSE AREN'T EVEN REAL WORDS!
  • Also related to EW is the fact that the music section is the most useless part of the magazine for elderly me. I have little to no patience for rap music as I didn't grow up with it. This makes sense as every generation has its own musical taste. Mine were set in the 1970s and 1980s. The Bee Gees! Disco! Punk rock! Madonna! Prince! Casey Kasem!
    • My pet peeve is this: so many songs of today, even if they aren't actually rap music, still have a rap section in the middle somewhere. Bleah. But this is the music Thor grew up with so he and his generation love it. 
    • The sentence that proves I'm old: All rap sounds alike to me.
    • I'm sure all disco songs sound alike to Thor and his brethren but to me they are a burst of nostalgia!
  • I haven't subscribed to a daily newspaper since 2009 when the San Francisco Chronicle changed their rates from $240 a year to $400 a year. So I read my news online. 
    • What I hate is this: you click on a headline to read an article and it's a video link instead. If I wanted to watch video I would watch the news on TV. I just want to read!
    • Entertainment sites are probably the worst for this.  They have headlines like "Scoop on your favorite show" so you click in and it's a video.
    • The other annoying things are lists where, if you actually want to see what's on a list, you need to click through a slide show of pictures and captions. If you are using your tablet or smart phone it takes forever to click through 10 slides. Or 32. Or 57. Guh. Just put them all on one page or make a written list so I can scan it quickly! 
    • I do watch the occasional video. Like today I watched because the headline was this: "Miss Piggy and Kermit Team Up with Joel McHale, Viola Davis and Julie Bowen to Promote the Emmy Awards." It is very cute and funny, especially the outtakes at the end. But it is ALSO an ad for Audi which was not mentioned in the headline. Sneaky, sneaky advertisers!
  • The physical stuff that seems to happen when you get to my age: I had a suspicious mole removed yesterday. The pathology report should be back later this week. The thing is, it was right on my face! Of course it was. I have a bandage on my right cheek that will need to remain for over a week (I will change it every day, of course).
    • I don't really mind the bandage. I did a few errands yesterday with it and not a single person mentioned it. I will be glad to have that brown spot gone. I was more concerned that it would grow and grow and become one of those big old lady moles. ::shudder::  
  • I watched PBS's "American Experience" the last two nights because the subject was Walt Disney. What's interesting is this: to my 2015 eyes he always looked older than his chronological age. He died from lung cancer at age 65 but he looked like he was elderly and in his 80s. Even when he was in his late 20s he looked more comparable to someone like George Clooney now (he's currently 54). This is all true for relatives in those days too.
    • Walt died almost 50 years ago and most people under age 50 probably have no memory of him. I was only 4 when he died but I remember seeing him for many years after on TV in episodes of "The Wonderful World of Disney". He was always part of my childhood. I guess Walt is somewhat forgotten but Disney is forever.
  • I'm all out of faddy-duddies. Gotta go.

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  1. I am pretty sure that "faddy-duddies", "ruddy-duddies", "muddy-duddies" and "buddy-duddies" are legitimate Words with Friends words.