Monday, October 19, 2015

Completely Flummoxed by This Thing Called Time

If you had asked me earlier today, "When was the last time you blogged?", I would have said, "Oh, maybe a couple of weeks ago." Pfff. A WHOLE MONTH! Sheesh, sorry about that.

A month ago is when we began the installation of a new heater and air conditioner. Most of the work got done in two to three days but they are still not finished. The attic vents are installed and the heater works fine. The new AC unit works too but the wiring from the AC to the furnace is apparently badly rodent-chewed and spliced in several places so they can't promise it will last if we turn it on. But now they need to fit us in as their scheduled is backed up.

Trouble is, my schedule has filled up too. I am going to physical therapy twice a week for my left shoulder which has stiffened up considerably and is painful/achy even when I am not moving my arm. The orthopedist wants to see how 4 weeks of PT help before he even considers surgery.

And then on November 11 I have surgery scheduled for something else entirely. I really hate that the procedure is still called a hysterectomy!


But it's time to get this done. My biopsy cells are "suspicious" and my doctor says I will likely develop uterine cancer if I don't have the surgery in the next 10 years. We are almost at our maximum deductible/out-of-pocket costs for 2015 so this won't cost us anything more. Surgery is a go! (If the orthopedist decides to do shoulder surgery then it will also be this calendar year too.)

I will do my best to post more often in the future!

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