Thursday, October 29, 2015

Things I'm Currently Obsessed With

Hmm, maybe that title should be "Things With Which I am Currently Obsessed"?

I keep listening to the newest song by Adele called "Hello" (even though she sometimes pronounces it "hallo"). The song and its video were released last week and broke records. The video was okay but the song is just beautiful. (Note to CPA Boy: I downloaded it so you can too!)

Since I am having major surgery in a couple of weeks I am trying to stock the freezer with some prepared meals. So far I have chicken enchiladas and navy bean soup. Then I will plan some easy things (BLTs, French dip sandwiches and the like) to get past the first week. At that point I will be up and able to manage again.

I found a good jigsaw puzzle app for my iPad so I am puzzle-solving fool. I am liking it because when I do a puzzle I don't think of anything else. It's a nice breather from my constantly-churning thoughts.

I was able to purchase a new program for my computer called Scrivener. It's a specialty program for writing and is much more functional than trying to use Microsoft Word. I have a handful of projects in process. One involves copying over all my blog entries into book form (in case Blogger ever goes away somewhere down the line). A second involves writing down the details of our family stories. I have many lists of things to write about that we compiled several years ago and I would really like to get it written. Another project is autobiographical, you know, because my life is SO fascinating! Ha! But I would like to write down memories of long gone family members so they aren't forgotten. And then I haven't even delved into fiction yet! So many possibilities!

I don't watch as much TV as I used to but I love these programs right now: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Jeopardy!, Last Man on Earth, and Once Upon a Time. I quit watching Dancing with the Stars (no one interesting enough to follow) and American Horror Story (one can only take so much visceral violence before it all becomes sound and fury signifying nothing).

The book series I am currently reading is a young adult fantasy tale called The School for Good and Evil. I have all three books from the library and I'm just starting the second.

One of my favorite things is the products of Vera Bradley. They make purses, travel bags and accessories in fancy fabric patterns. The newest one is SO PRETTY! It's called Alpine Floral (the floral goes on the outside and the check goes on the inside). Vera Bradley releases two or three new patterns every season. Lately there have been several I love. And once they sell out of a pattern (it sometimes takes a year or two) it's gone for good.
Alpine Floral

My obsessions call! Until next time!

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