Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Blogging is So Haaaarrrdddd!

I talk a LOT.

(Ask CPA Boy, who has even been known to FALL ASLEEP WHILE I'M TALKING TO HIM.)

And thus have MANY interesting things to say.

Or not. (Again, ask CPA Boy. Oh wait, he's sleeping.)

Yet coming up with topics to blog about is not easy. I don't necessarily like to share my political beliefs because enough people already do this on the Internet. I don't watch tons of zeitgeist-y TV shows or movies so have very little overall to contribute in this area. And so I tend to write about what I know most about: BOOKS.

I would not enjoy writing about my opinions on the candidates running for president but I will be glad to tell you what I think of a book! Or sometimes a movie or TV show.

Thus I'm trying to decide how to go forward with my blog. Should I just keep plugging away as I have, posting oh-so-occasionally or just make it a straightforward book blog? Or???

I post about books in large batches (another post about the last 15 or 16 read in 2015 is a-coming!) so perhaps I should switch to individual entries as each book is finished.

For 2015 this would amount to ALMOST 130 ENTRIES. I have actually only managed 25 entries this year! That's a pathetic average of 2 per month! If I posted about books as I finished reading them it would amount to closer to 2 or 3 times per WEEK!

My biggest blogging year was 2012 when I wrote a bunch of extra posts centered on my turning 50 years old. Even that year only comprised 83 entries.

So maybe individual book entries is the way to go for more regular posting. And then if I have anything non-book related to discuss I can do that too.

Plus, it takes FOREVER to write up those jumbo book posts. Writing a quickie review every few days seems more doable and I can go in-depth on the books I love or the ones that just irritate me to no end.

Anyway, I'm undecided but definitely leaning towards more book blogging. Any thoughts, Faithful Readers?

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