Saturday, January 2, 2016

I Need Another Blog Like I Need Another Hole in My Head

I have decided to try something new by creating a second blog called Kelly's Book Channel where I will do my writing about books (duh). This one will remain for non-book stuff.

Because a SECOND blog is the answer. Sheesh.

The web address for the new blog is: It's the same as this one with "books" added. There's also a link over to the right side of this blog.

It has been several years since I started this blog and I forget how to personalize some things so I may be experimenting a bit with the new one.

I prefer a simple, easily readable page. For example, I hate reading blogs on dark backgrounds so I keep my background light for ease of reading.

I could also set it up so that I make money if people read it or click through ad links but I am forgoing that for now.

One thing that I might consider is trying to get new readers for the book blog. One thing that seems to help drum up traffic: I commented on a post by The Bloggess, which included my blog info, and got TONS of people checking out my blog! (She has a zillion followers.) So I guess that's the plan: comment on other people's blogs. I rarely do this because it is mostly outside my comfort zone (except on Lady Chardonnay's blog, of course!). A challenge for 2016!

I will definitely post as I read each book rather than in batches.

So there we are: an experiment that may work out well or may be deleted without a trace.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Someone just added another blog for me to read. I expect the same quirkiness and humor that define this blog.