Thursday, February 18, 2016

Back by Popular Demand!

Okay, maybe not "demand" but I have been requested by my brother Everest and by hubby CPA Boy to "stop posting about books and get back to posting on your regular blog". (Not a direct quote but close enough.) So here I am!

Last week I was sick for several days and then I suddenly got better. I suspect I had the flu but since I get the flu shot every year now I think it kicked in and cured me almost instantaneously. And now I have tons of energy which is odd because I am one of the world's laziest creatures. I am taking advantage of this energy, which also seems to making me wake up earlier in the morning. (Maybe I'm still sick? Doesn't TB make you peppy before you die?)

Right now I am doing laundry. I already changed the sheets. I put away the pieces to the new vacuum cleaner system. I read a chapter of my book. And now I'm blogging. Wheeee! And it's only 11 a.m. as I'm writing this! Energy is fun! (It won't last. Laziness is my natural state.)

I'm still on my never-ending quest to GET THINGS DONE™. I have been cleaning out my office, going through boxes. I have cleared out several, hooray!

For example, I have bound copies of my high school newspapers for 10th, 11th and 12th grades. I also have a box with loose, multiple copies for 11th grade when I was a writer on the newspaper staff. My plan is to go through and cut out my articles and scan them. Then I can toss the papers.

I'm still ambivalent about the bound copies because they are yellowing and will ultimately deteriorate. Like many things, you keep them because, well, I don't know. I guess they are tangible proof that I attended high school? I graduated high school on 1980 and have not read a single thing from any of these newspapers and yet throwing them out seems so wrong. And yet, do they add anything to my life? Not really. I think I am talking myself into dumping them!

But this is why it takes some time and effort to deal with this stuff. Do I keep? Do I toss? 

Other things to GET DONE™:
  • Put the foreign coin collection into sleeves and pocket pages. They were organized YEARS ago and then I put them in a closet and ignored them. Time to get them into the binder for display.
  • Put the doubloon collection into sleeves and pocket pages. I grew up in New Orleans and its suburbs, attending many Mardi Gras parades in my youth. It would be great to have these in their display binder too.
  • Get the family history typed up so we can edit it and create a book.
  • Finish a handful of scrapbooks. 
    • One example: CPA Boy and I are getting nearer to our 25th wedding anniversary (this September) and the wedding scrapbook is not done.
    • If I don't finish with the scrapbooks this year I need to face facts: they will NEVER get done. I am on a mission this year! Complete the scrapbooks and MOVE ON.
    • I finished a scrapbook in January and it felt so good!
  • Make a list of and box up the stuff headed for Goodwill. CPA Boy needs an itemized list for tax purposes. It used to be so easy years ago: box it up and drive it away. Now you have to handle every item one more time. This leads to thoughts like "maybe I should keep this after all" and that way leads to hell.
  • Learn to use the new vacuum system tools properly. The house has a central vac which means you have a unit about the size of R2-D2 in the garage and then you plug the hose and tools into the vacuum outlets around the house rather than hefting a heavy vacuum cleaner around. 
    • We just got the old one replaced. I refused to use this thing because all the tools were FILTHY. "Do you have a dog?" asked the installer. No. "It (the old unit) smells like dog." FILTHY I tell you.
  • I was organizing my box of computer CDs and some were tossed (my old digital camera has a CD: I have the CD but not the camera) and some were mysteriously and unhelpfully labelled: "2006". Yessiree, that tells me all I need to know. You can't toss things if you don't know if they are mysterious.
  • Various house projects like: buy new toilets and have toilets installed.
  • Oh-so-many more things. 
There are many reasons blogging gets short shrift!

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  1. "Doesn't TB make you peppy before you die?" Yes, that is why old people move to Florida, including Tampa Bay.
    "Last week I was sick for several days and then I suddenly got better." Because I was able to pass on my sickness to CPA Boy. He says, "thanks."
    "I have bound copies of my high school newspapers for 10th, 11th and 12th grades." Should I feel bad that I kept none?
    "CPA Boy needs an itemized list for tax purposes." I need pictures and estimated thrift shop values. See, I am a real CPA.
    "I was organizing my box of computer CDs." Wait, what's a CD?
    "Buy new toilets and have toilets installed." Wait, what's a toilet?