Saturday, March 12, 2016

Upgrading to Windows 10 and Other Chores

I have 5 entries written up for my book blog so I am about 3 weeks ahead there so I figured I better throw a bone to my readers who couldn't care less about books!

Last week I backed up my computer data and my son Thor helped me to install Windows 10. He recommended doing a "clean install" where it's like having a new computer. This meant I needed to re-install all my software and data. And everything went fine except for the fact that I forgot to back up my address list in my e-mail program. Oh well.

I am going traveling in a few weeks visiting my sister-in-law Hennrietta in Southern California. (My brother Everest will be there too of course.) We are going to talk and scrapbook and just have a good time. I have been working to get organized so I bring down just the right amount of scrapbook stuff.

This has involved going through photos and tossing a bunch of them. I have a box that I will put the "tossed" pictures into and then I will store it for a few months before actually tossing it just to make sure I don't want them.

It's kind of like our CD collection: about 6 or 7 years ago we took all the discs out of the plastic jewel cases and put them into 4 zipper cases that take up much less space than all those jewel cases. As we bought new CDs we kept having to buy new shelving to store them and as we were mostly listening to iPods and the like we barely touched the CDs themselves.

I kept all of the cover art and booklets that came with the CDs. They have been stored in a box next to the zipper cases. We NEVER touch them and they are going to be tossed this week.

One of the casualties of my Windows 10 upgrade was that my iTunes backup didn't actually seem to work and I didn't find out until after it was done. All my music from CDs is gone from my hard drive and I need to reinstall everything. Luckily my iPod is separate and has most stuff. I need to see if I can copy from iPod to PC before I tackle the CDs.

Back to photos, so far the stack I am getting rid of is about 3 feet tall (imagine a stack of 4x6 photos). I still need to go through a bunch more but I think I will ultimately get rid of at least a yard-and-a-half of photos! For the events that are already in photo albums I have whittled down the remaining loose pictures to  the best left over, maybe 20 or so for each year.

As I come across photos of CPA Boy and me I am gathering them all together in one place. I didn't know there were so many! I also have a nice pile of pictures of Lady Chardonnay and me, as I've mentioned in an earlier post. I also have pictures of the three of us: me, CPA Boy and Thor.

Things are moving along as I go through stuff and get rid of it. And I keep stumbling across MORE stuff. I forgot about the cedar trunk I have in the closet. It has my (yellowing) wedding dress, and some other sentimental things in it. Hmm, time to dump some of it on Everest or K2, heh heh! (NOT the wedding dress though.)

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  1. Since K2 was recently spotted sporting a tux, perhaps he would like to try a wedding dress next.