Friday, August 12, 2016


Seven years ago today we moved into our current house. It is the second longest time I have lived in any one place, tied with my childhood home in Louisiana where I lived from 1967 to 1974. First place still goes to our previous house where we lived for 11 years. Until 1998 I moved a LOT.
It looks mostly like a big garage, doesn't it?

Today is also the 27th anniversary of my very first date with CPA Boy! We went to dinner at an English restaurant that's long gone and then we played mini-golf.

Two days ago was the anniversary of the birth of my very best friend of almost 36 years: Lady Chardonnay! We met on September 21, 1980, on the first day of college and were best friends by the end of the month.
The brunette in red and the redhead in black, circa 1982

Next month is also the 25th anniversary of CPA Boy and me. The 23rd anniversary of Lady Chardonnay and Mr. Lady Chardonnay is two days later.

Isn't funny how all our anniversaries ended up in August and September?


  1. OMG, my hair!!! I can't believe it was ever that long. We are stunning, and so thin!! (I don't have that picture. We definitely need to compare our college photo collections at the very least!)

    I loved that dress. I wore it to every dance party, back when I could shake my groove thang without needing a bra. Or any other underclothing, as I recall. Underpants are for wussies.

    Such a milestone month!!

    xx's from your BF

  2. I am so happy to have lived with you the longest, wherever you are