Thursday, March 23, 2017

Pretty, pretty, pretty!

Today I decided to post something and before I could do that a message popped up on Blogger that said new blog themes were available. Naturally I had to check them out.

  • A normal post will need to wait! 
  • It's time to redecorate!

I really didn't make many changes. I didn't end up changing the overall theme (or maybe I did as the font seems to have changed) but I did change the "background". Before today it was a bunch of hand-drawn black stars on white. Boring but serviceable, given that my overall favorite color theme is red, black and white.

As I was scrolling through the possible backgrounds one caught my eye: it was a red surface with white, black and pink flowers all over it. So pretty! As my cursor hovered over it I could see the name of the background --- they all seem to have names --- and it was "Kelly, Kelly, Kelly". It was MEANT TO BE my blog background!

I might make more changes so be prepared. Let me know if things look weird or unreadable.


And, hahaha, I was just proof-reading my entry and found these gems:
  • it was a read surface with white, black and pink flowers
  • a message pooped up on Blogger
    • hahahahahahaha!!!!
 Okay, Dear Readers, let's see some comments poop up on this entry!

1 comment:

  1. Who doesn't love Kelly, Kelly, Kelly? (Or is that Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly?) The titles, date and comment large print font did change, but I did not notice a font change for the post. And, except for a strip at the top, my background is white. As 23andMe has proven.